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About myself

I started Safari Pet Sitting because I genuinely love animals and like to spend time with them.  I know that pets are like family and that is how I take care of my client's pets. That means coming to your home for more than just feeding or checking up on them. I enjoy walking dogs and playing with dogs and cats to brighten their day while you are away and will make sure that they're getting the love and attention they deserve. I aim to provide a professional, dedicated and caring pet sitting service.

My pet sitting mission

Hi! My name is Andrea. I was born in South Africa but about 20 years ago my husband and I immigrated to the United States and became citizens. I now live in Meridian with my husband, and our sons, two young men who are attending college and also our daughter. Our furry family members include two labrador retrievers and three cats.

Aimee, our ditzy chocolate lab is 8 now; she still has lots of bounce and loves to play with her toys and always greets us with a toy when we come home. After our wonderful yellow Lab, Barclay passed away, we got Jupiter, a silver Lab, and absolutely the sweetest but goofiest boy around. He turned one in December 2017.

We currently have three kitties who share our home. Marco Pawlo, the oldest at 11, is a rather feisty orange tabby of uncertain temperament, but he does love to sit on a lap and face plant and is also always ready for a nap when there is a warm fuzzy blanket to be had.

We adopted Mei-Ling, a Himalayan, a few years ago.  She knows she is very pretty and is definitely the princess of the house. She loves to hunt odd things like socks and leaves.  Charlie Chaps, aka Mouse (because that’s what he looks like), is our youngest kitty. He is very independent and a  bit of a trouble maker. He has the tiniest meow though so one can never stay mad with him for very long even if he shreds things.

We adopted Odie from the Humane Society a couple of years ago to be a pal for Jupiter. Odie was a total mess. Poor guy was so afraid of everything - lights, loud noises, and people, especially children. He was cool with other dogs though. He still has a lot of issues especially with certain noises but he has come a long way and is a happy boy now who loves his big brother and older sister. He loves Charlie and would watch him for hours if he could.

I don’t really remember a time in my life that I didn’t have a beloved pet - from my very first dog, a boxer with an unpronounceable name, and Snoopy,the cinnamon loving, peppermint eating beagle, to our current menagerie.  As I was growing up in South Africa, I had parakeets, finches, a rabbit and a tortoise, several dogs and also two squirrel monkeys named Humphrey and Amelia. Unfortunately I never did persuade my parents to buy me a horse, but I did learn to ride and spent time with horses.   Later, when I left home, I had a guinea pig and two cats who loved to travel.

When my children were little we also some tiny feet pad through our lives in the shape of mice, hamsters and even a lizard called Texas La Zoom.

So, as you can see, I am a genuine animal lover who loves spending time with all sorts of animals and I would be happy to spend time with your beloved pets when you are not able to be there for them. Even zebras if you have them!

Our youngest son, Jeffrey, has been getting into the pet sitting business and has taken over for me when I am away or too busy. He loves animals too and is great with them. He is also a very responsible young man.


Pet Sitter for Meridian, Eagle, Garden City and Boise


​Jeffrey Gorven

Charlie Chaps


​Hi! My name is Jeffrey Gorven. I was born in Portland Oregon and moved to Meridian, Idaho when I was eight. I am currently attending CWI and studying business. I enjoy doing Tae Kwon Do and playing chess, and I love animals. Animals have always been a big part of my life and I have grown up loving the bonds people and animals form when they trust and love each other. I think every animal is special and with some kindness and attention, you can see all the best parts of them. I will enjoy getting to know your special pets too.