Happy to be at home.


So, how does Safari Pet Sitting work?

Existing Clients

Existing clients can schedule a visit at any time by phone, text, email or via the website.

I will confirm the appointment dates in writing and you are set to go!

I send you a Paypal invoice and payment is due at the beginning of the service.

The contract you sign is valid until terminated.

Pet Sitter for Meridian, Eagle, Garden City and Boise


When I'm visiting your home

My visits are professional - no kids, other animals or other distractions.  Included services are to:

  • Bring in your mail/newspaper.
  • Turn lights on/off.
  • ​Alternate curtains/blinds for day/night.
  • Water plants.
  • Take out/return garbage or recycling.

When I'm visiting your pets 

I will:

  • Feed them and make sure they have water.
  • Clean litter boxes and/or pooper scoop.
  • Take your dogs for a walk.
  • Administer medications (at owner direction).
  • Play with them.
  • Give them some extra love.
  • Text/email you after every visit with an update.

New Clients

You can contact me by phone, text, email or send a message via the website.

Together we will set up a time for an initial get to know you session which is complimentary.

Once we have decided to go ahead, we will sign a contract and fill out an information sheet so that I have all your contact information and all the information relating to your pet(s).

I will obtain a key/access code from you.

You can then schedule your appointment right away or contact me via phone, text, email or the website when you are ready.

I send you a Paypal invoice and payment is due at the beginning of the service.

You can have a happy and relaxed trip and be assured that your furry family members are getting the love and attention they need.